Been working to change my vibration. This frequency just hasn’t been me. My body is sore, but my heart and my mind are being exercised. And one day that’s all that will remain. Look at me, always preparing for when nothing is left. But I promise my feet are planted on this here ground, in the present. I’ve been running, and not from anything, but towards whole.


New Video: MoRuf - Togetherness/Compromise.  WATCH VIDEO HERE

Director: King Texas (@KingTexas) 

Cinematographer/Editor: Anthony Blue Jr. (@antbluejr) 

Photos: Anthony Blue Jr.

Woman/Man: Elise Peterson (@Currently_Elise) and Andre D Wagner (@photodre) 

Subway Performers: SOULHOP (Carter Lee + Michael Summer) 

Location: Kale Kastle / Brooklyn, NY 

Love.Over.Everything +++

Get into this.


I protect my joy

Interesting that every time I do something for someone else when I should be taking care of self, something goes horribly wrong.

Let’s get acquainted shall we?

I am:

And you?


*drops a freestyle to the moesha diary beat*

Kiss me out of slumber

and into oblivion
I will for now forget that I do not know what I want
other than your hands swimming their way past my hips, 
past the ripples in the ocean you’ve created with your lips upon mine
Holding my head in your hands like a baby bird hatching in your palm
I’ve never felt such caution
I forgot what was going on
That we are not each other’s,
and I’ve barely gotten sleep since your moonlit eyes waxed this way
Now there the sun is rising and the sliver of light painted perfectly on your pelvic bone
signifies where I am headed
No I do not know what I want,
but in this moment,
I will kiss you everywhere as if your body harbors the answer.

I recorded a song for the very first time in an actual studio recently. Something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. It is something that after spending all night trying to perfect this track, and having to be dragged out, I realized I want to do forever. It’s a tedious process, but one I want to learn more about and perfecting. It’s moments like these that erase doubt.

rip nose ring,i’ll miss you

Cheese is the cause of so many problems for me, but it also a huge key to my happiness.

elise white